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tbrouter Question

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tbrouter Question Empty tbrouter Question

Post by chazzmanbm Wed Oct 07, 2020 5:04 pm

Hi Folks,

I'm very new to FreeSBC and have recently completed a new deployment on ESXi 6.7. I now have SIP trunk to my asterisk based PBX and my ITSP provider. An inbound call connects and completes with (one-way audio), verified through the tbrouter tool and Wireshark but an outbound call from the PBX offers ring-back but does not complete. The tbrouter trace in this scenario, shows the PBX sending invites on it's public interface but not on the private interface which is what I would expect. This of course, can be due to many factors however, in the tbrouter trace, I see numerous messages as follows:

"...FIRE: RouterApp voip0.Core1: Could not correctly parse ARP packet to add in ARP cache...."
"...FIRE: RouterApp voip1.Core1: Could not correctly parse ARP packet to add in ARP cache...."

What does this mean from the FreeSBC perspective? Is this something from FreeSBC within its built-in firewall, within vmware or other generic network message? Would this be the cause of my one-way audio problem?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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