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No Bonding Option During Install

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No Bonding Option During Install Empty No Bonding Option During Install

Post by Guest Wed Jan 20, 2021 5:48 pm

I am trying to install proSBC on a new set server and I don’t see the option to use interface bonding as explained in the documentation. My source of installation is freesbc_centos7_x86_64_3.

Please help us so that we can configure the bonding?
Is bonding also available for the management (mgmt) interface?
We would like to have a redundant system (1+1), what is the best way to install both the systems from scratch?
Shall we install the first system and then install the second one? Or we have to parallelly install both the system together?


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No Bonding Option During Install Empty Re: No Bonding Option During Install

Post by Guest Wed Jan 20, 2021 5:54 pm

Bonding is available from Telcobridges product from 3.1.83+. For the management interface, there is no bonding in SBC. If 1+1, you should have one management interface for each primary and secondary servers. Also, please note that it is not appropriate to create bonding in a VM environment.

You need to upgrade to ProSBC to have HA features (1+1), FreeSBC could not support 1+1 and the FreeSBC only works with 3.1.10.

For ProSBC 1+1 setup overview, please find below link for reference,

ProSBC:1+1 Configuration - TBwiki (

It is ok to install primary first or installing both servers (primary and secondary together). You could start by installing the primary unit first.

In addition, since rel3.1.83, a new option named “Add Bonding” was added when you configure NIC’s role.

There is some restriction to use this option:
1- It only works for Barematel SBC
2- It only works for the compatible Nic ports
3- It only applies to LAN/WAN interfaces

So with ProSBC product keys, you can first install the iso of rel3.1.10, then upgrade it to rel3.1.108
Then you can do “Change network devices role” to configure the bonding:


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