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FusionPBX Install

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FusionPBX Install Empty FusionPBX Install

Post by davidt Thu Oct 14, 2021 12:32 am

Hi TB Community,

Just doing a POC on TB connecting into FusionPBX, the system looks like a well thought out SBC and we are becoming fairly confident that this will be our move forward system on the Pro version, so long as we can make the POC work.

So I have some questions:

1. Has anyone successfully got this to work with FusionPBX before?
2. If so were you able to setup the gateway in FusionPBX as "No_REG" or did you have to set it up as "Authenticated"?
3. How did you setup your DNS? Did you have your domain register to the SBC and it then forward that registration to the PBX? If so can you assist with some examples of how you got this to work?

I am used to using "SNGREP" with Kamailio and other similar systems to diagnose SIP related issues, but this system does not seem to have that capability, so was wondering how everyone else does the diagnosis on things like SIP trunk registrations.

Keeping in mind I am only after assistance with just getting this POC (Proof of Concept) going, for the large scale build we will be looking to obtain install assistance from TB anyway.

Thank you in advance.




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