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NAP failover to unique PSTN number

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NAP failover to unique PSTN number Empty NAP failover to unique PSTN number

Post by Eric Thu Nov 05, 2020 6:25 am

Hi all,

I'm studying this failover scenario and wanted to know if anyone already did (or thought to do) it.

- NAP to customer's IPBX is active and a range of numbers is routed to it
- NAP is (for whatever reason) down
- When an incoming call from a NAP pointing to the PSTN carrier with a called number belonging to this range occurs, change the called number to another one and route it back again to the PSTN NAP

The final goal is to achieved a failover of a NAP, not to another NAP, but rather to an E1 line to which the customer's IPBX is connected. In this case, as all incoming calls are pointing to a unique number (E1), an attendant will answer those calls.

Help is welcome ! Thanks.


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NAP failover to unique PSTN number Empty Re: NAP failover to unique PSTN number

Post by herbertshades Thu Nov 05, 2020 10:44 am

I want to hear about this solution too.


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