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What's new in release 3.1.126

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What's new in release 3.1.126 Empty What's new in release 3.1.126

Post by Admin Tue Aug 24, 2021 7:47 am

What's new in release 3.1.126
Issues fixes:
#24222 - SNMP OID Problem
#24299 - SNMPv3 users "Authentication Password phrase is too short" when loaded with restful API
#24677 - IP Conflict on HA
#24688 - Add "External Call Routing API Support" license dependant feature
#24849 - SNMP is missing some vlan IP interfaces to show from secondary unit
#24888 - Make calling SecureLogix script faster (higher call/s)
#24916 - Standby tboam_app does not see active tboamp_app in AHS after active tboam_app is killed and restarted
#24917 - Using large number of Transport server/IP interfaces is causing "OnVimUpdate: TBXPoolOfBuffersAlloc failed"
#24951 - No NAPs status due to no active toolpack_engine - still happens on rel3.1.124
#24967 - SNMP values for IF-MIB::ifDescr. 1.16, 1.17 and 1.18 are not always the same between each calls on the CLI
#24975 - IP Interfaces Status screen shows maximum 16 Interface
#24985 - returned error code 1
#24997 - NTP time not set correctly on 1+1 system
#25004 - Full of "Value '0' for 'unique_id' is lower than minimum value '1'!" error
#25005 - tboamapp keeps updating the "unused" interfaces
#25006 - Ip interfaces have MAC: 00:00:00:00:00:00 still happening in rel3.1.123
#25013 - Radius Authorization not activated in version 3.1.125
#23324 - Allow SSH and HTTP only on management ports on new installations
#24520 - Have a centralized display on web portal if the system is ready or not to do a switch over

What's new in release 3.1.125
Issues fixes:
#24463 - tbuctwriter returns error with option 'o'
#24626 - Do not change the encryption key on a RE-INVITE
#24696 - ProSBC does not need to poll enum record and subsequent naptre, srv and A record
#24879 - The DNS query on SRV records are not observing the WEIGHT and PRIORITY properly. It just look at the response sequence.
#24922 - SNMP generating large UDP responses to spoofed queries
#24924 - RTCP Stats Showing Remote IP as for outbound calls
#24959 - Returning 200 OK with SDP for UPDATE without SDP
#24962 - SRTP Tag problem on supported cipher
#24188 - Increase maximum SIP Domain configuration name length
#24940 - 404 Reason Header


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