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ProSBC Applications

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ProSBC Applications Empty ProSBC Applications

Post by Guest Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:11 am


We have a problem with our customer ProSBC. We have ProSBC in HA. Primary and secondary server. Yesterday apps from primary were in active mode and apps from secondary in standby mode. But at 5:00 there was a connectivity problem between them and apps from Secondary jump into active mode. When connectivity between primary and secondary was OK, then apps on the secondary server still persist in active mode. But we need apps from the primary server in active mode (switch to standby only if servers do not see each other) How to configure this? Because now on primary server apps- tbsip, tbucwriter, toolpack_engine and toolpack_sys_mgr are in standby mode and that is what we don't want. When connectivity is OK apps on primary servers must be in active mode.

FYI, we are running on Version: 3.1.10.

I hope you understand me 😊


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ProSBC Applications Empty Re: ProSBC Applications

Post by Guest Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:15 am


The switchover between the primary and the secondary is automatic and it doesn’t matter the apps are active on which ProSBC.

If you really want to force everything back active on the primary, you can ssh to the secondary and restart toolpack service:
- SSH to the host
- tbtoolpack stop
- tbtoolpack start

On another hand, rel3.1.10 is a very old version and I suggest you upgrade to our latest version rel3.1.117.

It is available here:

Instruction to upgrade:

Best Regards,


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