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Label Routing and Regex

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Label Routing and Regex Empty Label Routing and Regex

Post by jmross Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:59 pm


Say I want to use label routing for local numbers and I have uploaded a digitmap containing something like:


Can I have numbers such as '519123...' or '519456' match those as well (ie. numbers without leading one)?

Or do I have to put each number prefix with and without the leading one in the digit map?

I tried to use regex for the Calling parameter (ie. /^1?[0-9]*$/) in the route but that doesn't work since I think it has to match both the digit map and the regex to match this.

I found the script 'called_pre_remap.rb' and the called_pre_remap NAP column. Will this help me?



I think I got called_pre_remap working but if I set the regex in the called_pre_remap NAP column, it remaps only when a call is incoming from this NAP. I think I want to remap only when a call is outgoing to a certain NAP.


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Label Routing and Regex Empty Re: Label Routing and Regex

Post by Admin Tue Sep 15, 2020 2:20 am

You can find the details about label routing in the following link;

If you set 1519123 in the digitmap file, only the numbers start with 1519123 will match. For example;

1519123 --> will match
15191234 --> will match
519123 --> will not match

Digitmap file does not allow you to use any regex.

called_pre_remap.rb: Filter module that pre-remap the called number, before routing takes place.

You can find all the details about the scripts when you open the script.


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