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Post by Admin on Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:53 am

If a Radius authorization server is configured, the call authorization is done externally (using the Radius protocol). The acceptance or refusal of the call is then returned into a routing script for further processing. It is possible to issue RADIUS authorization requests from routing scripts. To do so, the params[:authorization] object must be filled with the required RADIUS attributes and an exception must be raised with reason :authorization_required.

When the authorization is completed, the routing script is called again with the result. The params[:authorization] object will be filled with the RADIUS attributes from the response. The params[:authorization][:result] field will also contain a string indicating the result of the authorization:

accept: The authorization was successful.
reject: The authorization was refused.
challenge: The authorization was challenged.
timeout: The authorization was not answered.

Please check following link for configuration details; https://docs.telcobridges.com/tbwiki/Toolpack:Tsbc_Call_Routes_Settings_3.0#RADIUS_Authorization_and_Authentication


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