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SS7 Tier 2 A-Links wont come up

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SS7 Tier 2 A-Links wont come up  Empty SS7 Tier 2 A-Links wont come up

Post by rogro Wed Nov 28, 2018 8:04 pm

Hi, TB users, I am trying to implement two (2) new SS7 A-Links in a Tier 2 solution. I have two existing SS7 A-Links that are seriously overloaded, thus the reason for adding 2 new ones. They are 56KBPS links and both new Links come into my switch (TMG7800) on 2 diverse DS1 links. The existing links are on DS0 (1) and the new A-Links are on DS0 (2). Ive done the translations for the links and have tested and turned them up with ATT and they each work fine. My problem is that I cant get both links to come up at the same time. If the primary links are enabled, then the secondary links are down, if I disable the primary links the secondary links come up and work fine. I cant get both primary and secondary to come up at the same time. TB support points fingers at ATT, and ATT points fingers at TB.
Has anyone every had this problem before? We have ripped out and reinstalled the MTP2/MTP3 links 4 times now with the same results each time. Im running out of support hours and still have no solution.

Any help will be appreciated. scratch
thanks Ron


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SS7 Tier 2 A-Links wont come up  Empty Re: SS7 Tier 2 A-Links wont come up

Post by Admin Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:33 am

Hi Ron

This forum is dedicated to FreeSBC product. We are not giving any support to other Telcobridges products from this forum. Would you send your request to, please?

Thanks for your understanding


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