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Grouping the NAPs for route

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Grouping the NAPs for route Empty Grouping the NAPs for route

Post by Admin Thu May 11, 2023 2:00 am

This script groups the incoming NAPs and allowed to create of only one route for the same destination for the incoming call route.
How to use this script
1. Import this script as other filter scripts in the Web Portal (if not already done)
2. Locate your "main" script (the routing scripts entry point, like "simple_routing.rb")
          and include the current filter as a route_remap
          2.1. Add the following line at the beginning of the main routing script to load the current filter script:
                         require 'multiple_incoming_naps'
          2.2. Include the current filter to your routing script's main class (first line after 'class MyScriptName')
                        include MultipleIncomingNaps
          2.3. before_filter :method => :multiple_incoming_naps
3. Create a new Route column named incoming_group type text. The default is empty.
4. All the NAPs in the same group must be named with the same prefix. like below
      5. in the create incoming group column you need to set regex. For the NAPs above you need to add the following regex
Grouping the NAPs for route Attachment Multiple Incoming NapYou don't have permission to download attachments.(2 Kb) Downloaded 13 times


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